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Mayor Laura is honored to have the endorsement of individuals dedicated to our great Golden community. Add your name to the list.
Golden Elected Officials - Current and Former 

JJ Trout (District 1, 2020-present)

Rob Reed (Ward 1, 2018 - present)

Paul Haseman (Ward 2, 2018-present)

Bill Fisher (2020 - present)

Jim Dale (Ward 3, 2018-2022)

Saoirse Charis-Graves (District 1, 2012-2020)

Marcia (Claxton) Larson (Ward 1, 2010-2018)

Pamela Gould (Ward 3, 2014-2018)

Mayor Jacob Smith (2008-2012)

Extraordinary Golden Residents

Ray Goodhart

Ken Jacobs

Jackie and Jim Greiner

Kathy Smith

Lauree Valverde

Audrey Waugh

Melissa and Josh Sharp

Ron Benioff

Mara Prendergast

Jeff and Laurel Mitchell

Nancy Benioff

Kathy and Jay Sugnet

Gerchard Pfau

Kathy Fisher

Laura Cook

Judy Denison

Crystal Culbert

Cathy Lozupone

Kristen and Derek Kosnak

Jackie Swartz Fitness

Megan and Lucas Henderson

Tom Schweich

Tony Martinez

Peggy Henderson

Don Parker

Celeste Cizik

Cindy and Ofori Pearson

Betsy Brooks

Jen Dill Wohlers

Tom Hoffman

Monica Buhlig

Crissy Fanganello

Julie Morales

Tom Atkins

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