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Laura is honored to have the endorsement of individuals dedicated to our great Golden community. She would love to add your name to the list too.
Marjorie Sloan, Mayor of Golden

"In her six years on City Council, Laura has demonstrated how deeply she cares for our city and all its residents.  She approaches every issue with painstaking preparation and thoughtful analysis. Laura is the one to lead Golden in 2020 and beyond."

Brian Reed, 2017 Charlie O'Brian Volunteer Award recipient

"I’ve known and worked alongside Laura for nearly a decade, and watched her tireless commitment in so many crucial areas....(she) has the experience, understanding, intelligence and commitment to lead this city into the future "

Mike Bestor, former City Manager

"After spending my entire career working for and watching elected officials, I confidently endorse Laura Weinberg for Mayor of Golden. I know that she is determined to make our town a better place using her strength and skills to lead us, while keeping the public discourse civil even when we disagree."

Marcia Larson, former Ward 1 City Councilor

"Laura is well versed on all city issues and concerns due to her six years’ experience on council. She has also served on Golden's [PRAMB], regional and national policy making boards, and plays an active role in her daughters’ local public schools—all of which position her very well to lead Golden into the future."

Tom Atkins, former President Golden Historic Neighborhood Assoc.

"...LAURA HAS OUR PERSONAL ENDORSEMENT FOR MAYOR. I sincerely believe that in large part because of her experience with GHNA issues, a vote for Laura Weinberg is a vote for the values and protections of ALL the neighborhoods and residents of Golden. I strongly urge you to vote for Laura, but please be sure to vote!"

Bill Fisher, former Ward 4 City Councilor

"I respect Laura's vision and work ethic. Goldenites understand what we want our city to be. Laura is the leader who has proven she can turn our vision into reality and will work hard to get things done."

Stacey Hammond, Community Sustainability Advisory Board member

"I have been a member of Golden's Sustainability Advisory Board for the past year and I have appreciated Laura's support of our board's recommendations and initiatives. She is a confident leader who listens and responds with thoughtfulness and compassion."

Jackie Greiner, Downtown Development Authority member

"Through her role as an elected two-term City Councilwoman, and her involvement in many community organizations, Laura has demonstrated her dedication and work ethic, her ability to see all sides of an issue and her passion for the Golden community."

Jerry Harcek, former Parks and Recreation Advisory Board member

"I served on the Parks and Rec board with Laura for a number of years, and have no hesitation in my support for her as mayor.  She's intelligent and thoughtful, and not one to go along unquestioningly on anything."

Golden Good Government League (3GL)

"In Golden, the mayor has responsibility for encouraging and guiding the City Council to work together towards clear decisions and then for advocating these decisions to the public and other government entities. A majority of the GGGL Board feels that Laura Weinberg has the experience on Council and leadership style best suited to accomplish this by governing inclusively and efficiently. She will be an articulate, thoughtful face of Golden."

The Golden Professional Fire Fighters Local 5080

"Candidate Weinberg displays a strong support for Firefighters and Local 5080. Her experience on council has given her an in depth understanding of the Golden Fire Department. In addition, her ideas on funding city services makes Golden Professional Fire Fighters proud to endorse Candidate Weinberg for Mayor."

Ray Goodhart, Golden community member

"Laura is organized, her decisions are well-researched and she has already demonstrated her ability as an excellent consensus-builder during the past 6 years she has served on City Council. She stands out in this race as the candidate who listens to the concerns of our citizens with an open mind, taking all views into account before making a decision. She displays superb leadership without being unbending in a preconceived view. She will make an excellent Mayor!"

Len Matheo & Lisa DeCaro, Miners Alley Playhouse

"Laura Weinberg has consistently shown herself to be bright, kind, an excellent speaker, deeply committed to the issues we care about, and dedicated to Golden. She has been endorsed by a wide variety of Golden citizens and groups, from teachers to artists to business owners to environmentalists. She has the temperament to walk that fine line between fighting for a cause and actively listening to opposing views. We think she’ll be a great advocate for Golden, and the arts, and for what we all love about Golden, with the skills to get things done."

Marjorie Sloan, Mayor of Golden
Marv Kay, former Golden Mayor 
Saoirse Charis-Graves, District 1 City Councilor
Jim Dale, Ward 3 City Councilor
Paul Haseman, Ward 2 City Councilor
Mike Bestor, former City Manager
Bill McKee, former District 1 City Councilor
Marcia Larson, former City Councilor
Bill Fisher, former City Councilor
Bob Vermeulen, former City Councilor
Dave Shuey, former City Councilor
Stacey Hammond, Community Sustainability Advisory Board
Jackie Greiner, Downtown Development Authority
Deborah Deal, Economic Development Commission
Cindy Syzmanski, Parks, Recreation & Museums Advisory Board
LouAnne Dale, Chair Citizen Budget Advisory Committee
Brian Reed, 2017 Charlie O'Brian Volunteer Award recipient
Tom and Alice Atkins, former Golden Historic Neighborhoods Association
Ron Miller and Dixie Termin, Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board
Amanda Hill, Virtuosity Dance Centre
Dr. Julia Atkins, New West Physicians
Cindy Pearson, Golden Tutoring and Enrichment
Tami McMullin, co-President, Bell Middle School PTA
Kimball Cicciu, PranaTonic
Pete and Cheri Reeburgh, SummitCove
Samara and Drew Wilson
Tish Vodicka, Vice President, Bell Middle School PTA
Michelle and Torsten Lyon, former PRAMB member
Jennie and Mike Erickson, Broadband Task Force
Luanne and Len Todd, Citizen Budget Advisory Committee
Karen and Eric Daugherty, Broadband Task Force
Ray Goodhart
Karen Lambert and Brad Glibert
Herman LeBit and Catalina Luneberg
Kathy and Jay Sugnet
Gina Brown
Rochelle Beaupre
Laura Newman
Ally Macredie
Lexi Owens
Jeff and Laurel Mitchell
Susan Lucken
Eli Kramer
Len Matheo and Lisa DeCaro
Leslie Light
Allegra Wermuth
Melissa and Josh Sharp
Noelle Vance
Andi and John Pearson
Elliot Brown
Tom and Angela Wheaton
Danette Dacey
Jane Hampleman
Bess Joyce
Meridee and Ed Cecil
Cindy Noseworthy
Ellene Duffy
Glen B. Maynard
Vicki Wagner
Pat Cucinotti
Jerry Harcek, former PRAMB member
Alice McLarty
Nate and Kristy Oatman
Support Jeffco Kids
Denver Metro Association of Realtors
Golden Good Government League (3GL)
The Golden Professional Fire Fighters Local 5080
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